Monday, June 21, 2021

Heard of Nightbirde?

Nightbirde opens up about her battle with metastatic breast cancer, becoming ‘AGT’ sensation

First watched her on America's Got Talent (AGT) and WOOOW!

At first, before knowing that she is a Christian yet, I prayed that God will speak to her heart and Soul
and save her.. But then...WOW! She is Christian after all!
And not only that..she is also a worship leader and have written praise songs on spotify.

As she tells her amazing testimony of having multiple cancer, divorced and struggles in life,
i can't help but look up and tell Jesus --"YOU ARE SUCH AN AMAZING SAVIOR LORD!"

Her song "It's OK" has been added on my Spotify list and been listening to it everyday of my life.
God bless her and I believe God will surely keep her and take care of her well.

Jane Marczewski(NightBirde)’s Story- Cancer, Divorce, God and Mental Health

In this interview I sat down with Jane Marczewski(NightBirde)who is an artist and cancer survivor whose inspirational video gained millions of views. She is a brave and wonderful person who shared her journey and battles with cancer, divorce and mental health. I hope anyone who sees this video just knows deep down that they are always cared for. I hope you enjoy :)

Justin Bieber: Journey To Jesus | Full Mini-Movie ᴴᴰ 2021 (Life Story and his Faith in God)

This popped on my youtube feeds. Let's watch it together guys!

Video Titled: 

Justin Bieber: Journey To Jesus | Full Mini-Movie ᴴᴰ 2021 (Life Story and his Faith in God)

Before anything else, would like to share my thoughts on Justin Bieber's Christian journey.

Justin Bieber is just an ordinary boy, yah ordinary boy even with all his fame and wealth going on.

Who suffered condemnation, high expectations not only with "Law-abiding" Christians but also

from the world. Sad right? He makes people happy thru his songs but at the end of the day people and even his fans mocked him for what and who he is a child. 

Guess, the price you need to pay for being famous in such a young age and having his own milli on his teen years. 

But let past be a past. Justin Bieber is now back to Jesus! And Justin Bieber is preaching and spreading Jesus to his network of fans who are mostly teens, kids, young adults who might be in some ways are lost.


God is using Justin Bieber's testimony telling the whole world that no matter how mess up you are currently with your life, how lost you are in this world, if you just humble yourself and call unto Him, He will rescue you. He will listen to you. He is always there for you...because HE LOVES YOU SO!

Wealth, fame are temporary,..your sanity and spiritual health is more important in this mad, fallen, crazy world. 

I can testify that to myself. My life currently for now, has zero money in the bank, no savings, credit cards are max out (due to pandemic ) but I can boldly say, I HAVE EVERYTHING! You know why?

I have everything because in Jesus..YOU HAVE EVERYTHING! Divine health, PEACE, divine protection , joy...even while here on earth! That is HEAVEN ON EARTH man!

I will talk more soon yah. I declare #Psalm91 blessings of protection in your life and loved ones today.

Amen !🙏🙏🙏

Just wanna let you know guys I AM SO BACK!

Comment below your thoughts.

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