Sunday, August 22, 2021

Where You Are In God's Prophetic Timetable | Joseph Prince

Where You Are In God's Prophetic Timetable | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: The Significance Of This Generation (preached at NCC Leadership Conference in 2019) Get the full message: Joseph Prince app - - You are part of the end-time generation called to move mightily in the grace of God! In New Creation Church’s very first Leadership Conference (2019), hear Joseph Prince expound on prophetic truths from the biblical story of Joseph and Benjamin, and discover how you can actively take your place as part of the Benjamin Generation and be an instrument of revival in these last days. Learn how you can: • Step into a new level of leadership when you realize you are part of the Benjamin Generation, called to live and preach the gospel of grace. • Operate in God’s manifold anointing and be empowered to do great things beyond your natural abilities for His kingdom. • Beat burnout and be reignited to serve the Lord with purpose and gratitude when you see how much He cherishes you. • Learn how to unveil Jesus in the Word for others and see the Spirit bring about exponential growth and transformation in their lives. Step into your portion as part of the Benjamin Generation, and become an effortless testimony for the Lord Jesus and a powerful catalyst for positive change in your community! Excerpt Summary: 0:00 Joseph Is A Type Of Who Jesus Is Today! 2:44 God Is Raising A Benjamin Generation! 5:43 What Does Leah And Rachel Represent In The Bible? 8:01 The Significance Of The Benjamin Generation 9:40 Be Excited! You Are A Part Of It! 11:01 Decibel Worship—A Music Initiative By Joseph Prince Ministries Subscribe for free official sermon notes at: Download the Joseph Prince app at: Find us at: #josephprince #josephprincelatest

Your Words Become Your Reality | Joel Osteen

Pumping up my blog with great sermons to embrace and hold unto in the midst of these trying times

of pandemic guys. Let us stop focusing on the world's happening today but instead let us keep filling up 

our hearts and soul and spirit with God's Word and promises.

Jesus is our only HOPE and it says in the Bible that He will never leave us nor forsake us,

You see, I just had attended our church's online service and I can say, it has filled up my spirit just hearing

Jesus' preached. Just like what happened to Peter when he saw Jesus walking on water in the middle of the 

storm, Peter was able to walk towards Jesus but when Peter saw the storm, he was so scared and was 

drowning. That will happen if we start to see this broken and messed up world my friend. We get

drowned. So let us not lost focus on Jesus. Let us instead fight the good fight of faith

and keep trusting on Jesus's power to redeem us in our current situation. Right now, I'm gonna tell you that my bank account has left me 

with $1 only but that won't stop me from writing this blog to you and send the message across that no matter

what's going on in my life right now, Jesus will give me His peace beyond human understanding.

Yes my friend. We don't need millions of money in the bank when your soul is perishing. I am not saying

that we as Christians are meant to live with no money or lack, I am saying that this situation is only temporary , 

and He, the Lord and King and creator of the universe is doing something behind this situation.

I just need to praise Him right now. The best thing I can do is to magnify Jesus right now in the midst

of my financial challenges. Because He alone deserves our praise!

If I focus on my lack my dear friend, I will forget Jesus soon. right? The devil will have his way of putting 

bad, negative thoughts in my mind and heart and soon lose my way again...or even backslide!

But NO!  I reject it in Jesus' name! I WILL NEVER ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN!

See the POWER OF CHOICE right there?

I will discuss more of this Power of Choice soon. Let me just do some more feeding and reading first yah?

So dear friend, of you're a new believer in Christ and /or a long time Christian already and still haven't

seen your breakthroughs manifesting in yet, DO NOT WORRY! In God's timing, it shall come to pass.

We all just need to be patient and wait on the Lord's perfect timing.

Meanwhile, keep feeding your Soul. Keep praising Jesus. Keep thanking Jesus. Keep feeding your faith. Keep hearing about Jesus only.

and the rest, effortlessly will follow.

Thank You Holy Spirit for this day and leading me to share my thoughts and revelations today.

I pray you keep my friends here in my blog safe and always lead them back to Jesus no matter

what challenges they face. Reveal yourself in them that as Jesus said in the Bible,

"IT IS FINISHED!" and all we need to do is just to rest on His perfect love and peace.


Talk soon guys!

Messiah - Hayli Lindgren #worshipTogether #worshipJesus


 Messiah - Hayli Lindgren #worshipTogether #worshipJesus

This song comes from John 1:40 "we have found the Messiah" The Messiah is Jesus! The one the scriptures wrote about long ago and is coming again. Lyrics : Your the God who commands the wind God who commands the sea Opens the eyes of the blind man With all authority. All powerful All mighty MESSIAH Who makes the blind man see All powerful All mighty, JESUS Sets the captives free. Your the God who is at the beginning God who is at the end God who walks on water And watches over me. All powerful All mighty MESSIAH Who makes the blind man see All powerful All mighty, JESUS Sets the captives free. You are the messiah You baptise with holy fire Jesus the Messiah Promised one, he has come, Isreals king Isreals king, Israels king, Israels king. All powerful All mighty MESSIAH Who makes the blind man see Written and sung by Hayli Lindgren, Music produced by Luke munns Other songs by Hayli : Majesty I long to worship you More Like You - Lyric Video

Monday, August 2, 2021

Pour Me Out (Live) - Brandon Lake | Seacoast Music

When you realized your purpose here on earth is not to become a millionaire, have great success

but to stay alive, stay healthy so you can extend your years to PRAISE JESUS more and help spread the 

Gospel and advance His kingdom...That is amazing!

Let us continue to praise Jesus no matter what.

He is our HELPER, our HEALER, our SHEPHERD...our HOPE.

With Jesus our future is secure. Stop focusing on your problems or struggles, or health issues,

start focusing on Jesus...because in focusing on Jesus...your miracles will happen.

PEACE will pour down in your tired and weary spirit. and RESTORE you from the inside out.

Let Your Spirit of Truth oh Jesus pour upon us Your Beloved Children,

Yes. just pour it all out.

That is all we need Jesus.

Thank You Jesus for everything that You've done at the cross.


Brandon Lake, singing "Pour Me Out" at Seacoast Church. Brandon is an artist with Bethel Music and a worship leader at Seacoast Church. He wrote this song with Daniel Bashta, Ben Smith, and Rebekah White. Subscribe to our channel for notifications when new songs are posted. You can hear more of Brandon's songs here: Closer (album): Seacoast Worship: Bethel Music "This is a Move": Connect with Brandon Lake: Connect with Seacoast Music: Lyrics: Make me a vessel of your peace Where there is war let fighting cease All that divides us, come reconcile us Make me a vessel of your peace Make me a vessel of your love Where there is hatred, break it up All creeds and colors, bind us together Make me a vessel of your love Pour me out Pour me out Pour me out Wherever I am, wherever I go Make me a vessel of your hope Where dreams are dead, come wake them up A new horizon, I feel it rising Make me a vessel of your hope Like a rushing river let mercy flow Through my heart to my world Like a rushing river let mercy flow Through my heart to my world Like a rushing river let mercy flow Through my heart to my world Like a rushing river let mercy flow Through my heart to my world

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