Thursday, October 14, 2021

Andrew Ripp - Rejoice (Official Lyric Video)

Let me share this beautiful worship song to you my friend as it has blessed me so much.

It really speaks of what's in my heart. This is my prayer to Jesus and I wanna let Him hear it.

In our relationship with Jesus, I learnt we need to be vocal about it,

Declaring it. and claiming it until it manifests in our lives. Amen??

So here goes...

Whenever I am tired, bored, frustrated and just wanna let it all out,

I learnt a good and healthy habit of going to Spotify or youtube to listen to

beautiful songs of praise and worship.

Just that and all my weariness suddenly slowly fades away.

Listening to worship, praising Jesus that speaks of love, rest and yes...just full of rest

refreshes my Soul and then I am back to my feet again. (no it's my hands 'cuz I am doing video editing. )

Some people will take a smoke , coffee break (I do) , but me I usually take a worship break.

I recommend you should also do it. The peace that you will feel withing just hearing Jesus speaks to you

through all these beautiful worship songs is amazing and cannot be taken away.

Listen to worship songs that are Jesus and grace filled ones. 

Because at the end of the day, you just want to take it easy and be at peace.

Let Jesus lead you to worship too. Ask the Holy Spirit on leadings.

These days, you need not only the physical rest that the world offers but emotional

and spiritual as well. And Jesus has all that.

Just come to Him and say, "Jesus, please hug me right now.. I only want to rest."

Beautiful, right?

For now, enjoy this beautiful worship song that I just happened to listen to on Spotify.

I really stopped in the middle of my deadline just to share this with you.

I believe you will be so blessed.

Stay safe my friend and talk soon.


Monday, October 4, 2021

Are You Tired Of Not Seeing Results? | Joseph Prince

I got so blessed by this Jesus' preaching of Joseph Prince last Sunday.

Lately, I find myself so overwhelmed with office workload that I just wanna give up.

I always get worry as to whether am I going to do it, finish it or survive it.

Now I realized, stress and worry really can suck the life out of you.

I felt so heavy everytime I am on my way to work thinking of the future or what's gonna be ahead.

Worry worry worry..I admit I hae become. unproductive because of that attitude.

I was only creating my own struggles when in fact, I am so blessed to have work and be able to pay my 

rent here in Singapore.

I forgot the blessings of health and protection from covid viruses.

I forgot that Jesus is with me all the way ALL BECAUSE OF WORRY!

But thank God, Jesus has His own way of poking His beloved children.

Jesus doesn't want us to worry. He said it a lot of times in the Bible.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:36

This was one of the verses the our Pastor Joseph Prince preached in our congregation.

I say, man!! I needed to hear this.

Surely Jesus loves to remind His children this way.

I got so blessed that now, I work myself happy and have stopped thinking about what 

tomorrow will bring because I believe it has already been well taken care of by Jesus!

Let me share one of my fave bible verses too, Jeremiah 29:11 God promises that with Him

we will have an amazing future.

So guys! Keep feeding your faith with soul-food like this.

Hear only how Jesus wants to take care of your future.

Do not worry. ALL IS WELL!

Jesus loves you so.

As believers, we gotta believe how we are so loved by Jesus.

How He suffered for us at the cross so you and I can live victoriously!

I know guys, for some this will take a lot of time to grasp.

But as you continue your walk with Jesus.. do not worry. He will always lead you to the truth.

To Jesus' amazing truths!

If you don't have a church yet , you can check our Pastor's youtube / social media accounts

first and get to know Jesus in there. just search Joseph Prince.

Above is one of the videos on his youtube channel too. When you go and check it out,

you will be blessed.

So guys in these days, we need to keep feeding our spirit with good stuff.

I say, only JESUS is the good stuff.

I just got home from work and I needed to blog this out as I'm having my dinner.

cuz I don't want this moment to slip by without sharing this to you.

Feeding youself with Jesus words and truths is the solution to all your worries and stress.

Jesus is the BEST MEDICINE!

God bless you guys. and stay safe in the arms of Jesus.

Say #psalm91 always.

Chat soon!

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