Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Who is Jesus?

Everyday I shall declare 

is the Son of God. 
Savior of Mankind!
Come shout with me!

Secrets of a Victorious Life Through Jesus

Let me take this opportunity in sharing you my blessings.

Firstly, I was blessed by the teachings of Joseph Prince here in Singapore.

After I received Jesus as my savior through his ministry, I could no longer

fathom of what God has done to me…God has so blessed me exceedingly, abundantly

with love, health,joy,peace, protection from above.

I think, and I feel this is the right time to share all that through this blog

which I've kept for years…for Jesus.

Keep comin..and keep feeding your heart and soul with Jesus' truth.

That's one of the secrets in living a victorious life while here on earth.

That's Not Fair!

That’s Not Fair

If someone does wrong to you, then forgive him.

Forgive each other because the Lord forgave you.

—Colossians 3:13 (ICB)

Life is not fair. You hear that a lot, but it can still be hard to accept. People will say and do things that hurt your feelings, things you don’t deserve. But when someone mistreats you, try to see it as a chance to show them My grace and to grow in your own faith.

Don’t try to get even. See how quickly you can forgive. And don’t tell everyone around you what happened. Just let it go. Don’t worry about what others think—My opinion is the one that really counts.

When others mistreat you, remember this: I freely forgive all your sins. I clothe you in shining robes of righteousness bought with My own blood. This isn’t fair either—it is the amazing gift of My grace.

When others treat you unfairly, remember that My ways with you are muchbetter than fair. My ways are Peace and Love—poured out into your heart by My Spirit.



Source: Jesus Calling for Kids iphone app

By Sarah Young

Jesus Is My Boss

I got an awesome boss. 

He takes care of me well. 

He doesn't only feed me well

but protect and restore me as well. 

His name is Jesus!

There Is No One Like Our God

There's no one like my God. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rest In Jesus Whose Faith Never Wavers by Joseph Prince

Rest In Jesus Whose Faith Never Wavers

Did you know that our faith can sometimes stand in the way of us receiving our miracles? How? When our faith is in our faith and we are preoccupied with it. Instead of looking at Jesus, we look at ourselves and ask, “Do I have enough faith? Did I pray with enough faith?”

My friend, it’s not about faith in your faith, but faith in the person of JESUS, whose faith is perfect and never wavers! When you are preoccupied with Jesus—His goodness, grace and compassion toward you—you will have unconscious faith. When you see His grace, He sees your faith!

Beloved, stop trying to muster up more faith. Simply rest in Christ who has all the faith for your miracle. All you need to do is see His grace and latch onto His faith that never wavers, and you will experience the breakthrough you desire!

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