Friday, July 4, 2008

Seeing ugly me draws me closer to Jesus

The more I fall unto sin and see the ugliness in me.. the more I see
and feel the great love of Jesus has for me.

It's amazing. How one man can sacrifice Himself for someone, a nobody - like me.
Saving me from hell and giving me LIFE at its truest, fullest sense.

Yes, without Jesus, I'm a total wreak!

I could turn around many times twisting my own fate..playing on it everytime.
Enjoying temporary self-gratification... For whatever.

That's the power of Choice!

I choose what I think is better for me to do.

I choose to be in this state.

I choose to be where I am.

But above it all.

I choose to be with Him.

Because in Him ..I am filtered. I am protected. And blessed.

I thank you Jesus, for dying for me on the cross.

Let me praise you in my own ways...

...I will get there.

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