Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Your Greatest Protection

Wow this is so true!
I feel this all the time. When everything seems go haywire sometimes,
I just pause and thank the Lord. 
Declaring that "It's all temporary!"

You see one of the devil's work is to make you out of focus from God's love and blessings. He will throw bad scenes to your mind, telling you lies that you don't deserve a good life because you are like this and like that . If you fall on this trap, you get shaky. You will feel lost and confused. 
And the devil is happy. 
My question is, do you want the devil to be happy all the time?

Say, "No!"

Because that's not you. And that's not who you are meant to be!

You are meant to live a fun, worry-free and relax life with Jesus.  (Read Psalm23)

So now, everytime your mind and heart is caught up with fears, depression and consufions....THANK JESUS that He is your deliverer from it all. He is Your restorer,  And that ALL THESE Shall come to us in His mighty' name!

Do not focus on your problems. 
Focus on your blessings. You might gonna say,"I don't seems to have any beautiful thing to be thankful for in my life right now, I say, "Hey, a king died for you , His name is Jesus. Just look up and see how beautiful He is. :)"

I have read today's Jesus Calling Devotional and guess what. The secret is revealed in here. 

I am sharing this to you so can be blessed. 

Do the same thing to your friends too. 
Just share this to one person who is close to your heart. 

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