Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's my Birthday. Jesus is Keeping Me Well

I just had an awesome birthday yesterday. 

At 43, I can say I am well-taken care of by Jesus. 

I  am healthy, peaceful , complete in Him. 

At this age, definitely I can truly say these words,

"I am complete in Jesus. "

This is what living in this world truly means. 

In Jesus you get all the protection,healing, pure joy and eternal peace all the way. 

It's just amazing!

Now this blog is full of thanks and gratitude. 

My heart is overwhelmed by His love. 

If you can browse through all my posts since day 1, you can tell how He has managed to deliver me from everything

Feel free to browse through and checm on my past. 


Jesus is indeed alive!!!

Today, I declare and will keep declaring
"God renews my youth like the eagle!"

So with long life I shall satisfy and glorify Him. 


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