Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Actor Hyunjoon Shin | I Didn’t Do Anything, God Did It All

I am now collectimng powerful testimonies and will share them with you here guys! How are you all? Hope you are all doing great with Jesus in your life. Because I AM. 

Let's encourage one another by watching, reading God's words and enjoy His presence 
no matter what comes our way,

I am a walking testimony that God never leaves us nor forsakes us.
Everything has a reason.
Rejoice! Because He has redeemed you from this mad, fallen world.

This earth is temporary. Let's aim for ETERNITY.. and that's with Jesus only.
Jesus is our only hope.

Let's continue sharing Jesus to the world, as the world badly needs Jesus especially in
these last days. Can I get an Amen?

Hyunjoon Shin made his debut in the 1990 film 〈GENERAL’S SON〉 and is widely recognized for his outstanding acting skills, having won the Best Comedy Award at the 2020 Asian Academy Creative Awards. Shin has demonstrated incredible range as an actor, tackling roles across all genres like comedy, drama, and action as well. He is most renowned for his performances in the feature film 〈BAREFOOT KI-BONG〉 and the drama 〈STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN〉. The most notable awards from his career include the Newcomer Award at the 30th Grand Bell Awards in 1992, Popularity Award at the 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2006, Asian Star Award at the 26th Hawaii International Film Festival in 2006, Korean Wave Culture Award at the 16th Chunsa Film Art Awards in 2008, Variety Special Award at the MBC Entertainment Awards in 2010, and the Grand Prize for cultural diplomacy at the 18th Korea-Japan Culture Awards. In addition to his activities as an actor, he is also active as a professor at the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment and a member of the Cultural Diplomacy Advisory Committee at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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We pray that more people would meet and gain happiness within Jesus through "Shall we listen"

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