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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Law Or Grace - Verdict Of The Jerusalem Council

Yes, we are Christians..and the world generally will see
us and expect us to live our lives as perfect as Christ is.

But we can never be perfect. As long as we are in this mad,fallen
world, time and time again, we will fall. We will stumble. We will sin.

So don't strain yourself out with so much "goodness" that you want to have in you.
Naturally, as you go along your Christian walk, and as Jesus continues to live in you will happen without you even noticing it.

I am not there yet. I am still struggling with my own "dirt".
Shall I be bother with it?

I boldly say "NO!"

Because I believe, the more I focus on my imperfections and my sins,
the more I will become it.

So instead , I focus my energy and thoughts on Jesus.

because Jesus' blood has made me perfect in the eyes of God.
I am so well covered that God sees me as gold...perfect and smells good.

Boy Am I so glad that I have come to know the TRUTH.
Now it has set me free!

This time I can live my life without restrictions. About myself.
About my relationships and my career.

Everything about me now is FREE!
Free from stress of what others might think of.
Free from lying symptoms of sickness..
Free from all fears of ALL FEARS!!

Sharing an mp3 from Pastor Prince that I just listened to this morning.
Enjoy peepz!

Law Or Grace_ Verdict Of The Jerusalem Council

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happiness is Freedom!

I used to Google "How to find REAL happiness" a lot.
Hoping I'd find the answers somewhere like on my emails or even on Facebook.

Happiness is elusive, don't you think?

Sometimes, you got hold of it and just hope that it would lasts..

Sad to say..while you're in this world does not.

(Unless of course, You try to shift and change your mind a little bit.
Tweak your faith and follow the right PERSON.)

I used to think having all the things that I wanted will come
to shut me off.

Get a good career, have lotsa of money, go anywhere, have a life.

Pathetic huh?

If you think on the worldly, natural way..well, happiness is indeed everywhere.

Obviously, it comes totally in different packages.Depending on how you percieve
and imagine it would be.

Chillin out in Starbucks having your fave cuppa is Happiness..

Shopping till you drop is happiness.

Clubbing is happiness.

Having a great dinner with someone special and being romantic is happiness.

Spending a holiday on the beach is happiness.

Getting that macbook pro and iphone is happiness.

The list is endless.

Partly, I have been there.

Done that!

(There's one thing that I'm curious about though.
Like if having that Lamborghini would make a lot of difference. Lolx.We will see.)

Well, there's one thing that I'm REALY sure of...

The above which I've mentioned have only one common denominator.

That is.

They are all...

T E M PO R A R Y....

It's not lasting.

It doesn't stay with you for long.

At the end of the day, when you are most alone, you find yourself facing a
blank wall. Trying to figure things out. Ask so many "whys","hows"and "what ifs".
Searching for more.

Some will accept it and just say "This is life!" and start to do things all over again. In cycle. Leaving with nothing but unsatisfaction and an impending doom.

Others will seek more wisdom from almost on anything. Books, religion, etc.


For years, I have come to level up my so-called "happiness" and have stopped
associating it with worldy stuffs.

For me, happiness is FREEDOM!

Freedom from all pains, sickness, stress, confusions, boredom and poverty!

When you are free from all these..or even just one of these... Woow!
It is when you start living! For real! Without worries and all.

Amazing isn't it? be con't.

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