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Believe And Act On The New Covenant

Believe And Act On The New Covenant

1 Samuel 17:45
45Then David said to the Philistine, “… I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.

Ever wonder why two people can hear the same thing and yet have very different responses? For one, what is said makes him afraid and discouraged. For the other, his heart is so filled with faith that he dares to come against the devil and what he is doing.

In the Valley of Elah, Goliath the Philistine giant taunted the armies of Israel for 40 days. When David came on the scene, he heard the same mockings of Goliath that the rest of the Israelites heard. But somehow, those same words which caused fear in the soldiers angered David. What did David know or see that the others failed to see?

David knew that he had a covenant with God. Now, King Saul and all the soldiers with him that day also had the same covenant with God, but only David believed the covenant. And he acted on his belief. So God caused his giant to come tumbling down.

If David had such a great victory even though he was under the old covenant, how much more you and I who are under the new covenant! Today, God is asking, “Where are my Davids who will believe the new covenant?”

What is the new covenant? It is the covenant of grace. And grace means unmerited, undeserved, unearned favor. God wants us to know that He has cut this covenant with us through Christ our representative. And according to the covenant, we have His undeserved favor. We are blessed because Jesus took our beating. Because of what Jesus has done on the cross, we have victory over every giant.

Isn’t that good news? Today, God wants you to stand before your “giant” and declare that in spite of what you are going through, in spite of what is happening, you believe that God is for you because of what Jesus has done for you. And then, before your very eyes, you will see the giants of accusation, intimidation, condemnation, disease and debt fall flat before you!

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  1. "Because of what Jesus has done on the cross, we have victory over EVERY giant."

    every? wow, you must be INVINCIBLE then? wow, if god iS for you who can be against you right? wow, let see all you christians, if not just the few "David pastas" will do, go into third world countries and defeat EVERY GIANT which stand in their way and turn poverty into prosperous pastas then? LOLOLOLOL.

    anyhow say. LOL. people who talk or write like how can be ....HONEST? LOL

    should call him DISHONEST PASTA!LOLOL

  2. hehehe...these jokers..anyhow use david lah, moses lah daniel lah...don't they know they were up against POLITICAL GIANTS?

    tsk tsk tsk. from fighting this kind of GIANTS, which they have no balls to carry out, these false prophets are teaching their followers to fight their....idiosyncrasies/inner demons or their petty little problems to find a life partner or overcome their chronic headaches or their money never enough problems etc etc hahahaha

    why? save on therapies? so peoples monies are better placed in the hands of these false prophets?

    what a joke!!!

  3. can sue the pasta prince or not? LOL

  4. Have you gone to church yet?
    I just did. :)

    Ps Prince is cool as usual:)


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