Saturday, February 6, 2010

Unmerited Favour By Ps Joseph Prince

Well, i just bought Ps Joseph Prince "Unmerited Favour" book.

Will try to keep notes in here to share the blessings.

Happy Sunday everyone!:)

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  1. ok, you can share with us the flavor later.LOL

  2. wah, i can write the whole book in just one sentence.

    $$jesus did it ALL for you, enjoy$$

    but i dont think i can make millions out of that.hahahahahaha

    oh yah,i forgot, dont have...the special "favor" like the pasta lah. hahahahahaha

  3. Try buying the book. Cmon just for fun sake:)
    and lets talk about it in here. Heheh!

    Good morning pasta lover. Lolx!


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