Monday, March 4, 2013

I Am a Christian

So many false Christian preachers that exist today that you sometimes feel you might as well be alone.
Some Christians will point a finger at you telling you that they love you that's why they want to change you so you can go to heaven.


I think they feel they are Jesus in disguise.

Please don't let them stop you from coming to Jesus.

They can say whatever they want to say. Look at you from head to toe and condemn you. I know it's not ok!
I have been condemned by them in so many ways.

But guess what.

Your only goal is to have peace in this world. Peace, healing, protection and blessings from Him. And it will only be given to you not because you have cleaned or dust yourself off so well. Or pretending that you are good or someone like a "perfect person" when you're not.

Nobody is perfect in this world
except JESUS

We are all sinners in our own way.
Everyday we fail.
But inspite of our failures,
We are thankful because we have Jesus in our lives who keeps lifting us all up everytime we stumble and fall.

We are weak and Jesus is our strength.

In your current situation, you may be in darkness but thank God
Jesus is our Light!

Yes. I am a Christian.

Are you a Christian?

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