Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Joyce Meyer Fan Page

I really love my Facebook newsfeed because of these wonderful and anointed

Jesus' preachers that keeps reminding me of who and what I am in Jesus.

As you can see and have experienced it as a Christian,

Everyday or every moment, the devil will always find a way to trick you

with your thoughts and feelings.

So one way to scare him away is to be stable with your thoughts and feelings

and faith.

And one way to be stable with it is to know WHO you are in God's eyes.

If you strongly believe that you are God's beloved and that

God will never leave you nor forsake you no matter what...You are in the right track!

S everyday... Every moment..instead of filling your mind and heart with fears and

worries... Go login to facebook...Like "Joyce Meyer" page.

I still have alot of cool Jesus' preachers to recommend to you.

I will post them in here one by one.

For now...

I recommend you like her page Joyce Meyer Ministry.

She is awesome !

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