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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beware of some Christian preachers!

Some Christian preachers are detrimental to your health.
Trust me , I have been there.
If by chance you listen to some pastor , wide eyes looking straight into your
eyes , fingers pointing at you saying.

"You must be good to enter the kingdom of God.
You must do that. be like this . be like that!"

and in the end while listening to him you feel like
having a heart attack because of too much guilt impounded on you.

I tell you... FLEE!!!!
Don't waste your time!
Go for another Christian church that only preaches and speaks of JESUS
and only Jesus. Then let the words of God change you within.Don't struggle.

For our best enemy is ourselves. But with Jesus , we can only rest
and let Him change us...consistently..

Jesus is the King of Peace.
He always wanted to have that peace in us no matter who and what we are.

Those kind of pastors that I just mentioned are still in bondage in the law of Moses!

And they with their so "good'ol sane mind" don't see JESUS final work in the Calvary.

They make it sooo hard for us to come to God and enjoy His love.
They complicate our relationship with God by pounding us with do's and don'ts!

They are misleading lost people to be more confuse and feel so unloved!

So whenever pastor leaders talking about your imperfections,
just say.

"Yes, I am imperfect.I have sinned. I am undeserving to have God's love
and blessings because of what I have become in this world BUT

(point your finger to Jesus)

This Man, has redeemed me from the mud. I was undeserving but because
of His death on the cross, God sees me righteous and my sins pure white as snow.
Should I be guilty?? No! I am grateful! Because Jesus has done it.
It is finished!! So why don't you shut up and read the good news in the Bible!"

Enjoy Pastor Joseph Prince's daily devotional for today my friends!
Start the week right! Rest in His love!:)

God Remembers Your Sins No More

Hebrews 10:17
17… “Their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more.”

I don’t know about you, but I would say that Hebrews 10:17 is good news. God sees all our sins — past, present and future — and says, “Your sins I remember no more!” The words “no more” are a strong double negative in the original Greek text. In other words, God is saying, “Your sins I will by no means ever remember!”

Has God lowered His standards? No, He is still perfectly holy. He did remember all our sins — 2,000 years ago at the cross. Every sin which we have committed or will commit has been punished to the full in the body of Jesus Christ at the cross. That is why today, God remembers our sins no more. We should, therefore, not be sin-conscious.

Each time we fall into sin, God wants us to remember the cross and say, “Lord Jesus, you were sentenced for this sin I committed. You bore the judgment, so God will not judge me for this sin. You were condemned for this sin, so God will not condemn me for it.”

If you don’t look to the cross, you will become sin-conscious and you will walk around with a certain expectation of judgment. And that expectation of judgment will give the devil a chance to get you thinking that God has something against you because of your sin.

You must come to the place where you know and believe that all your sins are forgiven, that there is no sin that will ever disqualify you from God’s blessings, that there is no sin that will ever send you to hell, because you are forgiven and saved eternally.

Hebrews 10:12, 14 says, “But this Man [Jesus], after He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down at the right hand of God… For by one offering He has perfected forever…”

You and I are perfected forever because of Jesus’ perfect work on the cross. We are perfected by God’s full acceptance and perfect delight in His Son’s work that has so glorified His holiness. Beloved, hear God say to you, “I will be merciful. Your sins and lawless deeds I will remember no more.”

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have always thought "DARKNESS" in the Bible just means
committing murder, terrorism or diseases.


I have always thought that when you become a Christian.
Everything will flea.
No more sadness, afflictions , pains , heartachess, etc..
and God will give u a perfect world instantly.

Well, I have thought wrongly.

I have found out.

"DARKNESS" is ..

when you are depressed...
struggling with your afflictions,
heartaches from a broken relationships,
financial turmoil
and career stress.

In this world,

those things will come and attack you every now and then..
Before you know it, you are trap in it.

As a Christian, you would ask God, "Lord, I have done this and that.
why this is happening to me??"

Somewhere along the way you end up struggling with your faith ..

It's self-sabotaging, right?

Some people would seek advices from friends, read books
and watch a movie just to getaway.


at the end of the day.

It all comes back to them...again and again and again..

(Yeah, I know it because I was there.)

When these things happening..
it is not really a question of "what to do" or "where to go"?

it's a question of

WHOM to go to...


It's Jesus..

As I'm typing this right now,

I just had a fight with my ex.

For months I have been struggling with my frustrations over and over again.

Thinking and being torn between having these options of
getting it over real soon
or have the love come back again.

I am so filled with pain and heartaches.
I just wana runaway from it all.
There are times that I feel it's already part of me. ...

or has become me...

It isn't easy at all.

Deep within, gloom is in my heart..
It just keeps haunting me.


I am in darkness..

My ground is shaking right now.

I feel my world is falling apart.
It's sickening with all these pains.


I feel like a loser !!

But guess what..

I am thankful..

You know why?

Because Jesus is in me.

No matter how sad, frustrated , depressed that I become,
His power absorbs it all and resides in me.

Knowing the truth that these are just temporary
gives me Peace and sets me free.

Everytime I feel bad about myself and all the things
that are happening to me, there's this force within me
or something which I cannot explain that lifts my spirit up.

It's cool and all I wana do is just see those negative feelings
flea away from me.

The next moment, I'm back on my feet again ...

to have fun!

I refer to my pains, sadness, afflictions as my "DARKNESS".

But Jesus is my LIGHT

When one is in total darkness and sees just a bit
of spark of light around.. there's hope.

Jesus wraps me around in His love with hope.
I may not know how it happens but just keep that way.


My world maybe shaking right now but I don't fret.

With Jesus...
I know someday I am going to stand above it all
and live a victorious life praising Him.

It's just amazing when you know the truth..

Thank you Jesus for making things new for me!

Thank you Jesus for You are my refuge!
Not alcohol, drugs, or anything...

It's You!

Thank you ...Thank you... Thank you...J E S U S!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Wallpaper Of The Day

God just keeps reminding me to hold fast on my FAITH.
In this life, as I go along and enjoy my Christian adventure,
I have learned that it's not my decisions,my goals,my dreams,
my being sad at the moment, contemplating on how bad my attitude is
or fearing how worsr that I'll become,etc that really matter the most.

it's my FAITH in Him.

That FAITH can make wonders in your life as I did with mine.

You may feel so lost and rejected in this world
but with that FAITH stuck in you makes a lot of difference.

It changes everything.

It's like magic...only to come for real and is lasting.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How To Change Your Mom?

I thought of some ways in how to change my mom's attitude
and the way she thinks about life and all.
She hates my cousin and she wants to move out to a new place.
Literally, she hates everything and the only thing
that could brighten up her day is when I send her some cash.

Last time, everytime this situation would pop out...
I would really get a bad headache. As in reaaal bad headache
that I just wanted myself out somewhere
where I can be alone and have peace!

I wanted escape!

I wanted to do something
or have something that could bring me to a relax state.

See how my mind played tricks on me again?

...drowning me even more with all those
negative thoughts that keep nagging at me?

But stop right there!

It is just my thoughts!

So no matter where I go or what I do...the next moment it will
come to attack me again!

There's no escape to it.

Heelp! I need Superman!

Yeah! Those were just my were my struggles!

So I asked myself, will thinking too much about this situation
help me in some ways?

How could just one thought bring me sooo down and made me feel so
weak inside?

It must be so powerful!

Another question pop out, Will it help me overcome my problem?

...the answer?


I fought my negative thoughts with POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!
...and have added extra little creativity in it.

So, I imagined the situation and have put it inside my "getaway box".
(It's in my previous blog if you want to check it out)

And boy, am I so glad I did it!

Right now, as my mom keeps bugging me on what she wants to do and where
she wants to go...guess, it is not my problem anymore.

It's JESUS' job!

Of course , i love my mom. and I just want the best for her ,
I want to take action.
But the weird feeling comes when everytime I want to do something
in my mom's situation...a thought keeps poking me that says,
" hey! You have given it up to me so you have no right
to deal with the situation again.
It's all mine!So relax and do your thing!"

Amazing ,isn't it????

It must be God or Jesus telling me those stuffs!

So , I just rest in Them..

And I want this thing to become a habit..

A habit that is soooo hard to break
as the song goes:)

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