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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How To Change Your Mom?

I thought of some ways in how to change my mom's attitude
and the way she thinks about life and all.
She hates my cousin and she wants to move out to a new place.
Literally, she hates everything and the only thing
that could brighten up her day is when I send her some cash.

Last time, everytime this situation would pop out...
I would really get a bad headache. As in reaaal bad headache
that I just wanted myself out somewhere
where I can be alone and have peace!

I wanted escape!

I wanted to do something
or have something that could bring me to a relax state.

See how my mind played tricks on me again?

...drowning me even more with all those
negative thoughts that keep nagging at me?

But stop right there!

It is just my thoughts!

So no matter where I go or what I do...the next moment it will
come to attack me again!

There's no escape to it.

Heelp! I need Superman!

Yeah! Those were just my were my struggles!

So I asked myself, will thinking too much about this situation
help me in some ways?

How could just one thought bring me sooo down and made me feel so
weak inside?

It must be so powerful!

Another question pop out, Will it help me overcome my problem?

...the answer?


I fought my negative thoughts with POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!
...and have added extra little creativity in it.

So, I imagined the situation and have put it inside my "getaway box".
(It's in my previous blog if you want to check it out)

And boy, am I so glad I did it!

Right now, as my mom keeps bugging me on what she wants to do and where
she wants to go...guess, it is not my problem anymore.

It's JESUS' job!

Of course , i love my mom. and I just want the best for her ,
I want to take action.
But the weird feeling comes when everytime I want to do something
in my mom's situation...a thought keeps poking me that says,
" hey! You have given it up to me so you have no right
to deal with the situation again.
It's all mine!So relax and do your thing!"

Amazing ,isn't it????

It must be God or Jesus telling me those stuffs!

So , I just rest in Them..

And I want this thing to become a habit..

A habit that is soooo hard to break
as the song goes:)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Love you Jesus...

Thanks for everything Jesus..

Now, I can finally rest in You..

My mom is back to normal.

She does her own laundry and wants to cook now. Just wow!

My "getaway box" surely worked out just fine. Heheh!

My 8yr failed relationship? Welp, taking one step at a time..

I'm almost getting there.*winks!

I won't fear of what the future holds anymore because God is with me!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

One thought..

I thought of the situation again ..
and strangely enough these words filled me in...

" Don't look back!"


See my "Getaway Box" is working ! hahaha!

I will have a brand new day each day from now on.
And a new cool Life to enjoy with!

Emotionally tortured..

It's been days now that I have suffered and been tortured emotionally.

I cannot go on and live like this. It's sickening and I know God doesn't
want me to live this way.

For several times, I tried , on my own effort,to come and understand
the whole situation, be a friend to the person and all, deal the situation
normally, accept that it happened, forget the past..move on!

But I failed.

I can only feel so much pain, anger and madness deep within me.

Being cheated on really sucks big time!

I thought of my pride, my ego, much more to "my self" all the time!
Yeah, Am I getting too selfish?

Maybe I am.

And it really sucks the spirit out of you..

I tried with all my might and power to be sane, understanding
and be forgiving...

...but I cannot.

Now, I live it all to God.

So, now...I come to take my "Getaway box"...

I put in my "Getaway Box" that person and all the feelings, bad and evil thoughts,
remorse, hatred, deception,madness and our memories in it.

(Deep sigh)

There you go!

No need to take pills. Just a little creativity with God will do. Lolx!

I now bind this whole situation to go and be cast out unto the sea, setting me free!
This will be over soon! No, I mean RIGHT NOW as I'm typing this!
I pray, in J E S U S name!

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