Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Condemning Christians?

I've read a recent stat from my Christian friend in facebook and she says...

"So many people say they are a Christian, then what comes out of their mouth is swearing
like the f word and when they got a concern in life they relax with a couple glasses of wine.
Where is Jesus in this?"

My view?
Being a Christian is not a badge telling people that "Hey, we are Christians!
We lead a perfect life, and yeaaah we are perfect!"

Being a Christian is not something that you do, or how fast you can change your bad habits or behaviour.
It's not about you enjoying a perfect life just because you think so.
It's not about you going to church on Sundays nor
about you reading the Bible everyday.
It's not about how good you are to other people or your charity.
It's not about you feeling so bad about other Christians or people.

Being a Christian is always a WORK in progress until Jesus comes.
Because if Christians are perfect, we can just brag about it and wouldn't need Jesus anymore.

Christianity is not being you putting up a good name for Jesus because of what you've done.

No. It's NOT about you or me or them...

It's about Jesus...


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