Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Mysterious Truth

With my given gift of free choice , I have alot
of options.
Ok forget about me being a Christian first.
Let's say I am a normal person walking here on
earth with alot of things to do.
I get busy trying to earn a living to live.
I walk, eat, sleep and get bored.
Now let me ask you.
Do I need healing?
Do I need protection from all the deadly diseases
that have been found?
Do I need blessings and favour?

For me. My only answer is Yes!!

I'm just practical.

Now I was talking about my physical world.

What about my spiritual world?

Do I have a soul?

Well, I firmly believe I do.

Now. Does my soul need saving?

Now hold it right there.

Pause. Think hard.

Atheists and non-believers could just shrug their
shoulders off on this question. They'd tell you stuffs like you're a delusional or crazy to believe in something or someone that doesn't exist.
Thats their reality.

Hardcore Christians of course will say and tell you
"Get saved!"

For me both are just hearsays because nobody really has seen God personally.

Both parties maybe telling a lie.

Who knows. But hey!

Let me tell you. That's where Faith comes in.

I believe I have a soul.
And for believing that. Of course to play safe.
I need to save it because God in the Bible is telling us what to do.

How can I save it?

Let me paste this scripture again.

I tell you. No one really knows the truth except the Bible.

Think about it. Why would God tell us this TRUTH thru the prophets in the Bible?

Does it really crossed your mind?

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