Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How To Have Barrel of Patience Effortlessly

God is changing me on the inside.
I feel it because lately I don't run out of patience that fast.

You see, in every waking moment of our lives we need patience.

Like me, I always get so impatient with waiting, queueing, taking on slow trains and caught up with slow walking people in front of me. Even when I walk slow myself. ( haha! Yeah silly me right?).

At home, because I am sharing a
place with my friends, I can say tons and barrel of patience is a must when maintenance is important like keeping the house tidy, who's right or wrong, gossip issues and just simply maintaining the relationship so you're not gona lose it.

In the office, you need to be very patient with a know-it-all-colleague who thinks he is at par in ruling and saving the world. Duh!

Yes. We all need patience. I need tons of it too!!

Right now, I just thank Jesus for teaching me how to deal with it. It's amazing how Jesus changes me on the inside effortlessly. No pretentions, struggling , etc. If it will happen to you, you will just wake up one day and say to yourself, "Hey, this is not totally the old me!" And then you can't help but blog about it just like what I'm doing right now.

Now, I will share with you my little technique.

First things first, you need to accept that you cannot change the world or change how you're friends, loved ones or strangers behave. You can , however change your mind. So be cool ok!

To start on,
everytime you find yourself grumpy, moody or irritable because you're already starting to lose your patience, don't try or attempt to change your mood.

Feel that moment because it's ok.

STOP thinking.

Either ways, you can turn on the radio , or take up your ipod or mp3 player and listen to a good worship songs or sermons. (A MuST: Listen only to Jesus-filled teachings and not the ones who would try to tell you anything like you must do this or do that kind of preaching. Will elaborate more on my coming posts)

If you're caught up with nothing,
Just pause your thoughts for awhile and say this little, quick prayer.

"Thank you Jesus for You are my patience!!"

Repeat it. Loop it in your mind.

Do this everytime you find yourself losing that patience. because Jesus' patience never runs out. And our war is His battle. So all we need to do is to just rest in Jesus and see His restoration manifesting in our lives. What an amazing Lord, amen?


I tell you this technique will help you maintain and boosts your relationship with anyone. You will become soon loveable. Everyone will want you around all the time. Lolx!
Plus, it's VERY healthy too.. So, decide now to make it a habit.

Let's say it again...

" Thank you Jesus for You are my patience."

One day my friend, you will be the coolest Christian in the planet!

That's all for now.
So long and hope this post brings you a good cheer.

Good morning!!!

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  1. Thank you my wonderful friend for sharing this on your blog. Yes, I remember when you started saying that over and over.. Jesus, you are my patience... now you have fruit! Hallelujah! As for me, I say, Jesus, you are my peace...this calms me and brings me into a solid stance. Let us all proclaim out loud the things that we need in our lives the most..because Jesus has already given it to us. Let us receive it now, in Jesus holy name. Amen! (reposted on Inspired Word)


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