Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Wild Ride Called "Life": My Battlestar Galactica Experience

You know I'm really scared of taking wild rides like the Battlestar Galactica of Universal Studios Singapore.

The thought of it makes me so fearful. Scary thoughts like "What if I fall while riding on it?", "What if there's a lose cable somewhere or unresolved technical issues ?"
"What if?"......."What if??"


Last Sunday, before me and my friends went to Universal Studios, I talked to Jesus about it. I said,"Jesus, you know to experience Battlestar Galactica is not really a big thing for me. I can have more fun without it, you know that. So please, when I'm there, just lead me to where the BESTEST place to have fun with.amen. "

And guess what.

Jesus led me to Battlestar Galactica's Cylon. Haaaah!

I could say it was the BEST experience in my whole life!!!

And while on it, some revelations popped in..

LIFE in itself is like taking that wild ride.
The ups and downs, twists and turns, shaking here and there...

Those moments will stun  or scare the hell out of you in some ways..
 But it's ok ...you just need to hold on real tight because it's not gona last anyway.

It is just temporary.. (familiar?)

My own revelations got me. While I was on that ride and as I felt my stomach turned upside-down while it was twisting me here and there, I learnt to just let go of my grip. Opened my hands up in the air and screamed!

I knew from that moment on that there's really nothing to be scared of. I'm secured and I trusted the engineers who built it.

Like in life, when you experience problems here and there, ups and down, and when you feel and think that life is beating you up with stress there's really nothing to be scared of because you trust God. And through Jesus, you are secured and divinely protected.


I say Ameeeeeen!!!

After Battlestar Galactica's Cylon,
I couldn't get enough so I still joined my friends in Battlestar Galactica's HUMAN..

It was a wooooooow!!!!

My tip if you want to try it and get the best experience:
Just learn to let go and go with the flow. Open your hands up in the air and screaaaaaaaaam!

Of course, a little prayer would work. Just ask Jesus to lead you and He will make the BESTEST decision for you.

Good morning dear friends.
Happy, Blessed Wednesday!

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  1. I too am scared of carnival rides and do not go on them anymore because I think those same thoughts about, maybe it will break, etc etc.

    I give you credit, I do not think I can do that. Also, I have had heart attacks before and it says, that if you have heart trouble, do not ride these rides. So I stay away from roller coasters and rides of that sort... I just like to go and play the games and eat.

    You gave me a different perspective and I appreciate reading about your experience. I still won't go on the rides if I ever came upon one. But I do like your correlation with the rides and life itself. I really enjoyed reading your blog... thank you very much my friend.


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