Saturday, December 15, 2007

He Will Carry You...

What is troubling you today?
Are you bored? Sad? Depress?
Getting tired of everything not coming your way as you have expected?
or feeling like the world has dawnd on you somehow..
...perhaps abandoned you?
For no feel this way...and you think that it's normal.

Let me ask you..if it's "normal" how come you are uncomfortable with it, doesn't
like it and wants to get rid of it ASAP??

I got you there!
Yes! It's not normal to feel that way...Deep inside you feel it isn't.

Like you, I used to feel this way..a hundred times..or even a million times.

I was unconsciously deceived by it that I realized how stupid I was to let it even come my way .

The world sees it as normal because we are humans thus humans have feelings and human as we are, we must feel this way--- to interact...(how pathetic it's going to be then if we continue to think in this obnoxious manner.)

BUT...I will tell's not NORMAL! Yeah! Lemme say it again.

It's not---It's's Not!

You wana know the secret? (Welp, it's not really a secret. It has been spread across the globe, to everyone and yet, no one really pays attention to it. That's why our world has gone bonkers)

Nuff said. Ok here goes.

Listen to this song..and you will know...feel it in your not think..just
use your ears and heart this time...not your mind..

you ready?

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