Saturday, December 22, 2007

What's in your heart?

I am not getting so melodramatic in here.
They say being a Christian or being close to God or Jesus
means 'welcome to a boring life!" All you gotta do is pray,pray and pray.
Go to church, spend time in a charity. Be good always.
Those are the teachings of old covenant..that's old news folks!

Because today. Right now. We have Jesus! And that's the good news!
With Jesus, you have no time to get bored or anything! Just be yourself.
You just stay who and what you are right now and see Jesus do the action for you.

In time, when you get to experience His love, that change is inevitible
without hypocrisy and all.

You can a be a b*tch or an a**hole for some of your friends and enemies.
But as long as you believe in Jesus as your bestfriend and're getting there and have taken the right steps. Go for it! I am right behind you.

Oh by the way, just wana share a video I have created's one of my fave songs.

This song really speaks of what's in my heart right now. Though I am in "great debt" and huge bills are running after me...and I want stuffs like a new macbookpro, iphone, dvx102b videocam....I could still say, I'd rather have Jesus than anything else in this world...

Sing a long with me pls.

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