Sunday, December 23, 2007

My church-- New Creation in Singapore

Well, this is how it goes everytime I go for church service on Sundays.
We have 4 services, from 7am, 11, 2 and 5pm..
Most of the time I go for the 5pm service
hopeful that I would be able to make it inside the auditorium.
But heck, people of Singapore couldn't just get enough with Jesus--- know why?
...Because I always end up in the Overflow room.
"Overflow" means overflow, a massive excess!

...Singapore wants and loves Jesus so much that you need or "must"
be there queueing for an hour or two to get a good seat.

Good thing our church has 2 overflow rooms. Yeah, it's not bad at all...
and I'm beginning to love the Overflow Rooms..:)

Found a video on youtube that I can share my sentiments with . Heheh!
I love my church! I love Jesus! I love Singapore!

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